Disinfection and odour neutralisation
of vehicles
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Fast Procedure

Easy preparation and post-processing: DISINFECT plus ensures quick decontamination and eliminates germs and microorganisms effectively.


The patented Austrian DCX-technology enables effective and homogenous decontamination – down to the smallest corner.


Thanks to its compact design, DISINFECT plus is perfectly suitable for a wide range of rooms – for flexible and mobile use.


The DCX Fluid is 100% biodegradable and gentle to materials. After decontamination, it decomposes into oxygen and water – without condensate.

DISINFECT plus – disinfection and odour neutralisation of vehicles

Customers have great fears about their health, especially when driving a car. The danger posed by corona viruses and other viruses, germs and bacteria is high. With the revolutionary, eco-friendly DCX technology, we offer an efficient solution for this problem. The mobile decontamination device of DISINFECT plus makes your vehicles with any interior equipment free of germs, viruses and bacteria – including corona viruses – in just 30 minutes. DISINFECT plus also guarantees a complete disinfection of the air conditioning system!





DISINFECT plus – the patented DCX-technology from Austria


The mobile device disinfects rooms and entire buildings fully automatic. The patented ultrasound technology produces cold dry steam that effectively destroys SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses, multi-resistant germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.

1-2-3 Application for vehicles


With these three steps your vehicle will be decontaminated quickly and safely:

1 – Service

Our experts come to you and prepare your vehicle for the disinfection.

2 – Decontamination

Only after 30 minutes you will have a germ-free car with a refreshing new car smell.

3 – Clean

After our professional disinfection, you will receive a certificate of DISINFECT plus.

Customer opinions

A lot of things are promised very often and you hear so many stories. Fortunately, the professional team of DISINFECT plus was here. All our vehicles are completely disinfected and free of corona now!
Orhan Selkurt
I got my appointed date right away and there was a top team with me, that made my car free of viruses and bacteria very quickly. I clearly chose the right company.
Christian Sellmeister
After a short demonstration, I was convinced. DISINFECT plus was fast, thoroughly and with the certificate I am now perfectly prepared for the spring business.
Boris Pölzl

The DCX technology of DISINFECT plus has been tested i.a. by the Robert Koch Institute and has proven its clear effectiveness.


… against SARS-CoV-2 and all other viruses, germs, bacteria, spores and fungi.


… one call and we are coming to you.


… DISINFECT plus can be used wherever there is a power socket nearby.


DISINFECT plus is suitable for rooms and buildings of all kinds and disinfects everything down to the last corner.